Stable Studios

2034 Dubois Road, Spencer, Indiana 47460

Wedding/Event rentals (812) 821-2028

Studio recording/open jams (812) 585-9586


Studio A

Stable Studios pictures 2010 014

Apple Mac Pro 2.6 Quad Core:
2GB RAM, OS X 10.5.6, Dual Cinema Screen Monitors


Avid Pro Tools 8
Vacuum, Expand, DB33, etc. Soft Synths
TL Verbs
Waves Horizon Series Plugs
NI Battery 3.0
Reason Adapted 3
Melodyne Uno Pitch Correction
Bias Peak 4
Toast 9.1


Avid Pro Tools 8
Mackie HDR2496
Alesis "Black Face" ADAT OS 4.1
Alesis Masterlink CD Recorder
Panasonic SV-3800 DAT
Tascam 32 ΒΌ"
Denon DN770R Cassette



Mackie HR824
Yamaha HS50M
KRK Rock-It 10 Sub
Peavey All Weather Enclosures in Smoking Lounge for Playback Monitoring
Sony MD7506 Headphones
AKG K270S Headphones
AKG K171 Headphones
AKG K55 Headphones
2x2x16 Headphone Cue


Mackie D8B OS 3.1:

  • Massenburg
  • Antares
  • TC Electronics
  • Drawmer and Mackie UFX Plug-In Cards

Mackie 1402 VLZ


Copy (2) of 058_58 (2)

AKG C451 (2x)
AKG C3000 (2x)
AKG D112 (2x)
Audio Technica ATM33R
Audio Technica PRO37 (2x)
Beyer Dynamic TGX50
Shure KSM32 (2x)
Shure VP88 (2x)
Shure SM7B
Shure SM57 (12x)
Shure SM58 (8x)
Shure Beta58
Shure SM87 (2x)
Shure Beta87 (3x)
Shure SM81 (2x)
Shure SM98 (8x)
Shure Beta91 (2x)
Shure Beta52 (3x)
Shure Beta57 (3x)
MXL 990 (2x)
Audix OM3 (2x)
Whirlwind Director (6x)
Whirlwind IMP II (6)
Countryman Type 85 (3x)
Klark Teknik Active
Uncle Albert's Custom Tube DI


Manley Mono Mic Pre
Presonus Digimax
Avalon VT737sp
Apex 207D
ART Opto8
PreSonus Digital Studio


049_49 (2)


Hammond 1963 A100 w/ Matching Leslie 147
M Audio Axiom 61


011_11 (2)

1973 Fender Twin Reverb
Peavey JSX120
Behringer Vampire
Hartke 3500 w/ 4.5 XL Cabinet
Crate BX100
1959 Bassman Re-Issue


Avid HDI/O
Digidesign (avid) 96I/O


Tascam M-600
Monitors: pairs
Mackie HR824
Yamaha HS 50m
Sub: KRK Rokit 10s

Studio B


Mackie 32.4VLZ (inserts TRS- Tip= send Ring= return)
16 Channel Recording Split To Control Room A

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Mackie SA1512Z (2x) Mid/Hi
Mackie SWA1801Z Sub
SRM450 (x2) Stage Monitor
SRM350 (x2) Stage Monitor

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Peavey Q31 (2x) House EQ L+R
Peavey Q31 (4x) Monitor EQ
Alesis Midiverb House FX
Alesis Microverb House FX
Denon 5 Disc CD Changer

Optional Outboard:
Yamaha SPX900
Yamaha SPX990
Yamaha REV100
Digitech RDS1900
Roland SDE3000 Delay
Delta Labs Effectron ADM256

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